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We have done it for others, and we are sure that our solutions might be all you need to move from a good business to a great business, with a notable online presence and accessibility by your target audience. Contact us and get help! 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What industries do you work with?

To provide the best services in the market we mainly focus our services for several industries such as: Ecommerce, Healthcare and local services.

We also have a lot of successful projects in other industries like entertainment, financial, hospitality, media, education and other.

What technologies do you use?

Our team includes only high-experienced professionals who have experience in different software development fields:

For web development: For mobile application development
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • C# 
  • JavaScript
  • from AngularJS to Angular 6
  • React JS
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Web API Services
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Java
  • React Native

How long product development takes?

To start with, we review project requirements from the client, we get them analyzed and then inform you of the estimation results. 
Once you are fine with the cost and time, the next step would be to create a project report document and a proposal. Our business analyst will prepare this and then we send you the same for review. Once everything has been finalized we would then take the project to the next stage, which is the development stage.

Any security & risk management in Projects?

We not only provide software development services but manage all possible compliance and security issues. Our specialists evaluate all types of threats before creating your digital product including confidentiality weak points, IP compliance, third-party integrations, data management, and others. This approach allows us to discover the possible risks on the prospecting stage and create the appropriate policies to prevent them.

Any Products & Services Support?

Absolutely! In the initial stages of software development, we reserve up to 40 hours per month for your product support. Even after launching your product our QA engineer provides manual and automated testing of your and reports your and that our developers fix in an immediate way.

After 3 months of project development, the client is moved to the service desk. Here you have access to key management personnel to escalate any issue you probably might get within your product.

Depending on the priority of the issue, your request can be resolved within 24 hours in case of high urgency so as to match its priority.

How do you guarantee the quality?

We evaluate the result after every two weeks, we test our work (we conduct both development and acceptance tests), we present it to you, we apply your feedback so you know you get what you are paying for. We would never stop until we get your satisfaction!

Do you also outsource a project?

Short answer is yes. In order to provide fast and quality services we do need to outsource some project parts. But our in house team are always on top pf each project. In fact the core of your project will be made in house and our project managers are making sure the parts for out source is always the best quality.

Do you provide white label?

Yes! Every contract and project is diffrent but you can always let our team know that you are intrested to get the white label versions and they would be happy to do that for you, of course with extra cost.